Monday, 18th June, 2018

Women’s health

Specific attention to the health issues experienced by women is essential for improving women’s health. Although attention to women’s health is important in all stages in life, health among menopausal women is of particular interest in life course health research. Menopausal women could benefit tremendously from prevention of chronic diseases and disability.



The overall aim of the project is to increase health care awareness and to improve lifestyle and nutrition practices for menopausal women.

The role that nutrition and lifestyle may play in long term healthcare will be described and prioritized for use in educational programs, product development and development of clinical guidelines for practitioners. More specifically, we aim to provide insights on the health risks and outcomes of menopausal women and to identify specific and critical risk factors affecting disease development.

The project focuses on cardiometabolic health, health and healthy ageing, and migraine and dementia.